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Ireland will miss 2020 Targets for Greenhouse Gas Emissions – EPA

Ireland’s EU 2020 greenhouse gas emissions reduction target is 20% below 2005 levels; however the EPA projections indicate that emissions will be only 4-6% below 2005 levels by 2020. Ireland is unlikely to meet 2020 greenhouse gas emission targets for sectors including agriculture, transport, residential, commercial, waste and non-energy intensive industry, according to figures released on 13 April by the Environmental Protection Agency.

The further Ireland is from its 20 per cent reduction target in 2020, the more difficult the compliance challenges in the following decade will be. For the period 2015-2020, agriculture emissions are projected to increase by 4-5% while transport emissions are projected to increase 10-12 % on 2015 levels. Commenting on the projections, EPA director general Laura Burke said “We are an island nation, vulnerable to climate change. We’ve a great deal to gain by becoming a leader in moving to a low-carbon economy.”

As Ireland further decarbonises in the period to 2030 it will require more and more low-carbon electricity. Only offshore wind energy, in the Irish Sea, can supply the very significant amounts of green electricity required in that timescale.